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I got my a $20 PlayStation Station Network code for free from PrimeCodes and Windows 7 Ultimate code from the store here! FREE CODES! What more can you want?!?!

- Adam Hoffman

Added Fifa 13 Origin codes to database.


How PrimeCodes works!
Our free and paid system explained

Most of you are here for our free codes so let me explain how that system works. Once you go to your Free Code page you will first have to choose which product code you want by clicking the download button under it and you will be taken to an unique webpage where you will have to complete a survey to obtain your Code. These surveys make it entirely possible for you to receive the code you want for free within 3 minutes from completing ONE offer.

Why do we make you guys complete an offer from our sponsor to get your free Code? The amount of codes we have combined are worth A LOT of money and it's only possible through our sponsors. All our sponsors ask in return is for you to fill out easy offers that normally takes less than 3 minutes each! Of course if you do not wish to get free codes that are worth up to $60 you could always go to our Paid codes shop and buy a Code there!


Don't worry, you're safe with us!